•                                        Question of the day
                                                Worth two points each.  Please write complete question along with answer unless otherwise noted. 
      QOD- 1. Periods 1 and 5 Red and 4 Black
    - How many hours of sleep do you get per night? What do you think the suggested amount is? 
     Period 2 Red
    - How would you define self esteem? How is it formed? 

    Period 4 black-
    -How is personality formed and how would you describe your personality? 
      Period 2 Red-
    -How would you define bullying? do you think it is a big problem here? 
    Period 1 and 5 red
    -How would you define self esteem and how do you think it is formed? 
    How is personality formed and how would you describe your personality? (RED day classes)
    Define the following: Introvert, extrovert, Type A, Type B (4 Black)
    4. What are your three biggest stressors? (No Red day)
    Health check. How are you feeling today physically and mentally?  
    The most effective stress management technique for me is....  
    How do you believe people with mental illness's are treated in our society? 
    If you are going through a difficult time, who can you turn to? why?
    9- Who is someone's personality that you admire? Why?
    * QOD collection Friday 3/11 (black day) and Monday 3/14 ( red day)
    #1-  What is your preferred way to be physically active? 
    #2-Give two examples of activities that require muscular strength and two that require muscular endurance?
    #3- List several health benefits of a well rounded physical fitness program
    #4-Choose any one spring sport and list the components necessary for that activity.
    #5- What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic activities? give at least two examples of each
    *QOD collection 4/4 and 4/5
    #1- How would you grade your diet (A-F)? Why?
    #2- Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fats?  
    #3- 1+2 Red-- What vitamins are fat soluble and which are water soluble?  4B and 5 R- What are 3 health snack options and 3 healthy desert options?
    #4- What are some ways we can increase our fluid intake? 
    #5- How would you rate your diet this past weekend compared to the week prior? Better? Worse? Same? Why?
    #6- List at least three items that must be included on food labels.  
    #7- What are the major differences between anorexia and bulimia?  
    *QOD collection 4/27 and 4/28 
    #1- What are 2 differences between what happens to males and what happens to females during puberty?
    #2- What is the male hormone and where is it produced?
    #3- What is the male reproductive cell and where is it produced? When does the male body start producing it?  
    #4- List the steps of the path of the sperm.
    #5-What is the female reproductive cell called and where is it stored?
    #6- List as many forms of contraception as you can.
    #7- What are the four categories of contraception?  
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