•                                                                                                Driver Education- Question of the day
                                                                                                       Worth two points each
     QOD #1- Write one question that you have regarding organ donation for our speakers that are coming next class.
                #2- Is driving a privilege or a right?
                #3- Getting your license is a huge responsibility. What types of responsibility come with having a license?
                #4- List 5 ways we communicate with other drivers 
                #5- According to PA law, when should drivers use headlights?
                #6- List 5 checks you should perform before driving.  
                #7- To be a safe driver your mind has to connect with your eyes. What does this mean? 
                 #8- How can we use our mirrors effectively ?
                 #9- What is the seatbelt law for each of the following age groups: 0-8, 8-18, 18 and up?
                # 10- How can parents affect the behavior of a young driver?  
     QOD check  Tuesday 3/14/16
    QOD #1- What three vehicles MUST stop at railroad crossings?  
    QOD #2- How do we share the road with bikes and motorcycles?
    QOD#3- What is the difference between controlled intersections and uncontrolled intersections?
    QOD #4- Where and why will we find the following...two curbs, no pavement markings, and two way traffic?
    QOD#5- When can we legally go through a red light?
    QOD #6- Where do we find the following and what are their purpose? Speed bumps, speed humps, rumble strips 
    QOD #7- What parts of the roadway freeze first? Why? 
    QOD #8- CTB stands for "cover the brake" -what does this mean and why?  
    QOD #9- How do you change a flat tire? (without calling or asking for help) 
    QOD #10- What are the three layers of a windshield? Why is this important? 
    QOD #1- Airbags are a supplemental device -what do they supplement? How do they work together?
    QOD #2 -Why does a car battery die? What is needed to change it? What are some safety concerns when changing a battery?
    QOD #3- What is the difference between road rage and aggressive driving?  
    QOD #4- What is the steer clear law? 
    QOD #5- Why is the drinking age 21?
     Qod #6- Define the following types of drinkers: Abstainer, Social Drinker, Binger, Dependent
    QOD #7- What are the dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks?
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