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    Post Prom Chairs: Organizes and oversees all Post Prom committees. Maria Nobile and Carolyn Kushner
    Decorating: Purchase and organize decorations, organize volunteers to set up decorations at Post Prom starting at 6:00 pm. Chairperson: Deana Quigley  
    Food: Organize food, drinks, and snacks for Post Prom. Chairperson: Maureen Larsson and Michele Makovics
    Prizes: Purchase, display and distribute prizes. Chairperson: Wendy Kephart
    Entertainment: Organize and secure all outside entertainment that will be provided (inflatables, casino room, massages, temporary tattoos, etc.). Philadelphia Sports Club also provides entertainment (pool, hot tub, etc.).
    Chairperson: Sharyn Wilson
    Volunteers: Secure volunteers for the night of Post Prom using SignupGenius and coordinate volunteers at Post Prom.
    Chairperson: Helen Falguera (Shadowed Needed)
    Donations & Acknowledgments: Send letters to parents, companies, and organizations seeking donations. Track, create and send thank you letters to those who donated money, food or prizes and to those who helped sponsor the event. Need to work with other committees to ensure everyone gets acknowledged.
    Chairperson: Maria Nobile (Shadow Needed)                                                             
    Registration: Collate registration packets, organize volunteers to sell Post Prom tickets during lunch, track ticket sales, create labels for prizes and register students at Post Prom.   
    Chairperson: Lynn Barrett