• HHHS Post Prom

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    A Message to our Seniors Families on Post Prom Night...

    We know that today is bittersweet for our seniors, as this evening they would have been celebrating their Senior Prom and the 10th anniversary of our Post prom event.

    Nevertheless, we are working to ensure that our seniors have an opportunity to reap the benefits of the gratitude of our community. Thank you to all the parents that donated to our Post Prom. All the money collected from parents and business sponsors went towards the purchase of the 225+ prizes. We spent $12,000 in prizes this year for our seniors! This is a $2000 increase from previous years.

    This is not how we envisioned our senior year to end but we have been working on a plan for the seniors to be involved in the Post Prom prize drawings. In the next few weeks, each senior will be receiving an email detailing the prizes and how to submit their virtual raffle tickets so they should be checking their emails. The drawings will be held in June. We will be updating our Post Prom page on the H-H website with the list of prizes we are providing this year so please check it out.

    If we move into the green phase and social restrictions are lifted this summer, we will try and have a get together for the seniors.

    Thank you for your support throughout the year!

    Stay well! Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

    Maria Nobile & Carolyn Kushner