• What do we do?

    HHTV is a club at the High School that focuses on making films, live TV productions, and videos. HHTV students participate in local film festivals and help produce a variety of live productions including sports, concerts, Red vs. Black events, and our famous news magazine show UNDER THE HAT!  We can teach you how to run a camera, edit videos & film, be a sports commentator and much more!

    If you are interested in taking classes, Mr. Berchick also offers TV and film classes semesterly. Mr. Berchick has even started a new course for TV 2 students that creates a bi-weekly magazine show called "Under the Hat". If you are interested in anchoring, creating sports, and participating in covering news segments, this is the class for you.

    How to join?

    To join HHTV find any club member, Mr. Anderson, or Mr. Berchick. Stop by the TV studio (F-219) or Mr. Berchick’s room (F-218). We will tell you how the club works and show you how we communicate via the school's Microsoft Teams. We are here to have fun and learn about TV and film production! Some of our members even pursue this field as a career in college.


    HHTV Standards

    HHTV holds our club members to a set of standards to be a member of our club. Members follow the acronym GRILL. GRILL stands for the following...

    G- Growth
    R- Responsibility
    I- Initiative
    L- Listening
    L- Leadership

    Throughout the school year, we want students to fulfill these qualities while having fun and learning about the field of film/tv! 


HHTV Contact Information

  • Bob Anderson

    Bob Anderson
    Video Coordinator/ HHTV Club Advisor

    Drew Berchick  

    Drew Berchick
    TV/ Film Teacher Hatboro-Horsham High School