1. Do students check-in/sign-in for homeroom each morning?
      Students will not check/sign into homeroom. The homeroom page on Canvas that students have access to is simply a place for students to retrieve announcements and updates such as what day it is, events that have been canceled/postponed, spirit week themes, etc. Our students have become accustomed to getting announcements in homeroom, so we wanted to keep that routine for them. Some days the announcements will be live, and on other days, it could just be a document to read or audio message. Tomorrow’s online learning kickoff day will be a video announcement from Mr. Williams.
    2. How will my child’s attendance be recorded? 
      Teachers will be monitoring attendance based on the participation of students in the platforms presented. For example, Canvas, Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. as well as through the completion of assignments. Coursework is expected to be completed when assigned, and teachers will offer support if students are experiencing difficulty in navigating a virtual classroom experience.
    3. What is required of my child each day?
      Teachers will post assignments, and students are expected to check each day for these assignments. In a virtual school environment, students are afforded some flexibility as to when they engage. We recognize that outside of the high school walls, everyone’s situation is different. Students will be assigned learning activities that are anticipated to take the appropriate amount of time. We recognize that students will work at different paces while they are on this voyage, so teachers have been asked to provide flexible windows to submit work as opposed to specific hard due dates. However, it is wise for your child to get things done and not procrastinate. It is important to use discipline, along with flexibility.
    4. Will my child participate in conferences video/other with his/her teacher?
      Hatboro-Horsham HS teachers have access to many conferencing platforms, such as Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. There will be opportunities where students can participate with the teacher live and opportunities where sessions may be recorded to be viewed later. There is not an expectation that teachers will be live every day. Video conferencing is a very important resource; however, we recognize that the resource may  not serve as a comfortable one for all. When connecting to a video conference, please know that it is entirely acceptable for your child to keep his/her video camera turned off. He/she will still be able to listen via audio.
    5. What if I am having issues with my school district device? 
      The school district technology team is available between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday – Friday and can assist. They can be reached by telephone at 215-420-5600 or send an e-mail to support@hatboro-horsham.org.
    6. How long will online learning take place?
      The online learning approach is scheduled to extend into the beginning of April when students were currently expected to return to school per the Governor’s order and the District calendar. In the event this return date extends, we will communicate the information as far in advance as we are able. The return date for our students will be based upon information that indicates the physical school setting is safe for all.


    Hatboro-Horsham High School will be making adjustments to the second semester as a result of the COVID_19 pandemic and the impact it has had on schools throughout the country. 

    We have decided to distribute the weight of the second semester in the following way.

    • 3rd Quarter will be 66.6%
    • 4th Quarter will be 33.3%
    • Non-weighted elective area courses do not count in a student’s grade point average. As a result, all non-phased elective courses are Pass/Fail for marking period 4 and Semester 2. Because in many of these courses, the coursework is dependent upon materials that students may not readily have access to (tech drawing, art, baking, fashion design, child development, manufacturing, photography, health, etc.), the decision has been made that elective area courses will count as Pass/Fail. Again, this has zero impact on a students gpa.
    • The final exams have been canceled for all courses.
    • In addition to Quarter 3, the grade floor will be implemented for Quarter 4 and will be 60%. Please continue to encourage students to engage appropriately. 

    In formulating the above approach, we sought to address the needs of ALL students while responding to the enormity of the current situation.