SAP Mission Statement

  • Student academic performance is improved by good mental health. No one person is average and all students have obstacles they need to overcome. All students can confront, conquer or at least manage their problems. The Hatboro-Horsham High School Student Assistance Program provides ongoing encouragement and support for the academic, social and emotional needs of the students in our building. 
    The SAP Program consists of:
    • A team of SAP trained and certified teachers 
    • The faculty at HHHS
    • HH students in groups
    • The Diversity Training Team
    • The Peer mediation Team
    We don't always create the conflicts that enter our lives, but we can always choose our response to those conflicts. 

    Who we are: 

    A group of teachers, administrators and support staff trained to identify and assist students having problems in the areas of:

    • Academics
    • Behavior
    • Attendance
    • Health 

    A community counselor dedicated and trained to work with students in school in one on one and group settings.