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    "Begin with the end in mind..." Sean Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

    Career Development Cycle

    A career is the combined total of all the events in our lives, from the time we are born until we die including education, work, family, leisure activities, and more. Determining a suitable career path using knowledge of personal interests, skills, and preferred futures (dreams) is career planning and that's what this site is all about....................you have already begun your career! Now is the right time to learn about yourself and the world around you. Be proactive and get involved! Join a club. Learn a new skills and take electives in a pathway of interest. And make sure you contribute to your community!

    1. Discover
      Begin your Pathways portfolio (Bridges) and identify your interests, skills and values. Mrs. Hermann in the Student Success Center can help you unearth valuable clues that may help you make decisions about your future.
    2. Explore
      Research career fields and academic majors, meet with members of the Student Success Center staff and schedule informational interviews and shadow days with professionals in the field you're interested in.
    3. Experience
      Build resumes and cover letters, practice interviewing skills, research companies and post secondary schools and learn the value of networking.
    4. Connect
      Implement your plans by networking with employers, plan to participate in internship, service learning or community service and consider an after school job. Don't forget to get involved in school activities!

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