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  • For the next episode of Under the Hat, we are trying something a bit new with the film/TV review segment “To Watch Or Not To Watch”

    You will get to help choose which Christmas movie Billy “The King of Cinema” King will review, as he will be reviewing the top pick from each grade.

    All you need to do is fill out the survey below on MONDAY, DECEMBER 10th.

    Choose any holiday movie that you think is the best.  It should only take a minute of your time.




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English & Communications
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    1st Pd: Film Production (Red Days) / TV Production I (Black Days)

    2nd Pd: TV 1 (Red Days) / Prep (Black Days)

          3rd Pd: 3A: Lunch

                             3B & 3C: HATS

    4th Pd:   Senior English - CP

    5th Pd: Prep (Red Days) / TV Production II (Black Days)  

    After-School, Before-School, & HATS Help scheduled by appointment.