Enhance Your User Experience in Centricity 2
An intuitive user interface combines integrated user assistance to make it easy for you to harness the power of Centricity 2. If you want to learn more about a feature in Centricity 2 simply click on the How do I . . . ? tab in your workspace. Materials in the SchoolWires library related to your workspace will display.


There are help articles, video tutorials and additional resources available in the library. The help articles are short, printable step-by-step directions. The video tutorials are interactive. Each takes an average of three minutes to view.
Just click on the title of the help article, video tutorial or resource and you will immediately have the information you seek --- without ever leaving Centricity 2.
If you want to learn more about user assistance in Centricity 2, watching this three-minute video.
Premium Webinar Library
The SchoolWires Premium Webinar Library is a growing collection of training webinars that will continue to help you better understand Centricity and Centricity2
Access to on-demand 24x7 anytime, anywhere training webinars enable you to learn at your own pace and at a time that works best for you..
Currently some topics include
  • Creating an Online Quiz
  • Best Practices for Teacher Sections
  • Making the most of your Online Calendar
  • Help with Hierarchy
  • How to Use Assignments
  • What are Active Blocks and How to Use  Them
  • How to Create a Photo Gallery
  • Calendars in Centricity 2
  • The Rights and Privileges in Centricity 2
  • Photo Galleries in Centricity 2
  • Blogs in Centricity 2
  • Using Library Pages in Centricity 2
  • SchoolWires Editor in Centricity 2
  • Page Building in Centricity 2
Select either the Standard Webinar link or the Premium Webinar Link
If selecting the Premium Webinar link, you will be prompted to log in before choosing the webinar you wish to view. Click on the Premium Log in to Learn button and provide the following log on information
  • Username: hatboro
  • Password: horsham

You should now see the list of rapidly expanding library of webinars. Choose the webinar you wish to watch and Click on the Watch On Demand button to view


Last Modified on April 30, 2013