Welcome to the Six Black Team!
2014-2015 School Year 
6- Black Team Teachers 
 Mr. D'Alonzo        Team Captain and Science Teacher
                                                         Ms. Beltz                Language Arts Teacher
                                                         Ms. Condit             Social Studies Teacher
                                                         Ms. Hartman         Math Teacher
                                                         Ms. Smith            Learning Support Teacher

6- Black Sets The PACE With
Weekly Family Communication

        Date:  Friday, January 9th 



-January 19th, District closed MLK Day

-January 23rd, No school for students (records day) Sixth grade will be  half over! 






Language Arts (Beltz): Next week we will continue our Greek Mythology unit and read more of “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief”. Your child should be reading at home so that he/she has completed two books by the end of January. There will be book checks each week to make sure that your child is working towards this goal. If you would like to purchase books from the Scholastic Book order, please visit Ms. Beltz’s website for more information.


Math (Hartman):

Book 2 – Multiplying/Dividing Fractions;  Quiz Friday, 1/16 (tentative)

Book 3QUIZ Monday 1/12 Evaluating Expressions Containing Square Roots & Fraction Bars

Science (D’Alonzo): Continuing “average speed” lab. 

Social Studies (Condit):Ancient Greece.  Drafting and Publishing an argument essay determining whether Athens or Sparta was the preferable city-state to live in. 




-Please consider saving your silver pop tops from: soup, soda and pet food cans.  Bag them and bring them to the container near Miss Condit’s classroom.  Proceeds from this recycling effort will support Shriners Hospital for Children.

-During the month of January, sixth graders will be collecting change in support of Pennies for Patients.  Each student was given a collection box in homeroom this morning.  Students are encouraged to empty collections into a larger container. This fund raising effort supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Students heard from a long term cancer survivor about how his life was saved due to the research and medications that have been created.  Mr. O’Hara is hopeful that a cure will be found for Leukemia & Lymphoma in his lifetime.  




-Pacesetter of the month: Veronica Zhang

-Lunch with the principal: Sam Smith