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 2014-2015 Hatters Cheerleading Team
Junior Varsity
Gabby Burleigh
Marissa Buchsbaum
Lauren Chamberlain
Yasmeen Cheeze
Aliyah Cowdery
Jordan Fidalgo
Megan Dudenbostel
Josseline Guera
Madison Honer
Meghan Harrigan
Kristen Kaisinger
Veronica Lynch
Emily Kuntz
Yulia Park
Noemi Leva
Mamecce Sharif
Melanie Lynd
Jen Stimac
Alexis Mayo
Amy Stirling
Nicholle Meyrick
Brianna Schwalm
Liz Milbourne
Chelsey West
Kelsey Miscisin

Naomi Nogowski

Kelsey Quinn

Sabrena Smith

Jess Stirling


To be a Hatboro-Horsham Cheerleader is an honor.  It is a privilege to wear the red and black uniform and represent your school.  It will be exciting and fun, BUT it will require 100% dedication and hard work.  Here are some standards that you are expected to uphold:

                  Ø  Cheerleaders will display good sportsmanship towards all individuals involved in any athletic venture.

                  Ø  Cheerleaders will set a good example in the classroom.  We expect that all cheerleaders stay on top of their school work at all times. 

                  Ø  Cheerleaders will set a good example in the community.

                  Ø  Cheerleaders must conduct themselves with the utmost decorum at all times.  This includes out-of-school activities as well.

                  Ø  Cheerleaders will attend, be prepared and on time for every practice, game or scheduled squad activity.

                  Ø  Cheerleaders will uphold the Hatboro-Horsham High School Athletic Code of Conduct and Hatboro-Horsham High School Cheerleading Guidelines. 

Last Modified on June 4, 2014