Hat Chat Advertising Rates

2014-2015 School Year

Size of Advertisement

1 Issue*

2-3 Issues

(per issue)

4-6 Issues

(per issue)

Every Issue

For Sale/Want Ad

$15 per issue

Business Card





¼ of a page (approximately 4” x 5”)





½ of a page (approximately 8” x 10”)





*Advertisement must be received by deadline on paper or as a PDF, and in exact dimensions

The Hat Chat publishes 7 regular issues, but may print additional special edition issues, which is included in this rate

four lines maximum including header, no graphics


Advertiser may have the right to which issue(s) advertisement is published


Design Service

       One of our Hat Chat staffers is available to design your advertisement

       You will be sent a copy for approval before publishing

       Design Service not available for single issues


Advertisement Size

Business Card

¼ page

½ page

Design Charge






       Please send an exact copy of what you want in your advertisement

       Upon request, we will mail you a copy of the paper each time we publish an issue

      Your check should be made payable to Hatboro-Horsham High School
For more information, please contact our Business Manager:
Jung Kim