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On June 3, 2014, The Treatment Research Institute (TRI) welcomed The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy to Philadelphia for a discussion on how the Parity Law will transform substance abuse and mental healthcare. 
By The Treatment Research Institute; June 13, 2014
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An interview with Tom McLellan, Ph.D., a recent guest of Be a Part of the Conversation 
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In an exclusive interview with National Geographic, Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, shares her concerns about the consequences of legalizing the drug.
By Bruce Barcott, National Geographic; March 4, 2014
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Prescription painkillers are to blame, experts say. As cravings build, heroin is cheaper, more powerful.
By Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer; November 7, 2013
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Lawmakers Attempt to Keep Up with Synthetic Drugs
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By Theresa Katalinas, Hatboro-Horsham Patch; September 26, 3013
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Facebook Chat with Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse:  "Meet the Parents Hour" is an hour-long live Facebook chat on Monday, September 16 at 12:00 pm
The Partnership at; September 12, 2013
By Sy Mukherjee, Join Together; September 12, 2013
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Science Daily; August 27, 2013
JR Pollock of Horsham died of a heroin overdose in July after several stints in rehab. His mother and a friend share how the 'demon' took hold of his life.
By Theresa Katalinas, Hatboro-Horsham Patch; August 15, 2013
Katie Couric Show; August 8, 2013
CBS Sunday Morning; August 4, 2013
By Jon Swaner,;  August 1, 2013; July 29, 2013 

By Denise Krochta, Webtalk Radio. 

By Denise Chow, LiveScience; July 2, 2013

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Take Prescription Drugs, May Clinic Finds
By Nick Hanson, Mayo Clinic; June 19, 2013

By Theresa Katalinas, Horsham Patch; June 11, 2013

Teenagers Getting Prescription Drugs Online
By Jessica Doyle, WUSA9, Washington DC; June 10, 2013


Heroin:  A Special 5-Part Series
The Bucks County Courier Times & The Intelligencer 
  • Sunday, May 26, 2013:
By Marion Callahan and Matt Coughlin
By Marion Callahan and Laurie Mason Schroeder
*Hatboro-Horsham's "Be a Part of the Conversation" is referenced in this article.
By Theresa Hegel and Danny Adler
  • Monday, May 27, 2013:
Bucks Drug Court Offers a Way Out of Jail For Some Addicts Who've Turned to Crime
By Laurie Mason Schroeder
By Matt Coughlin
By Matt Coughlin, Marion Callahan and Laurie Mason
By Laurie Mason Schroeder
By Laurie Mason Schroeder and Matt Coughlin
  • Tuesday, May 28, 2013:
By Marion Callahan 
By Marion Callahan
By Marion Callahan 
  • Wednesday, May 29, 2013:
By Marion Callahan 
By Marion Callahan 
By Matt Coughlin
By Marion Callahan 
  • Thursday, May 30, 2013:
By Theresa Hegel 

By Cathy Payne, USA Today; May 25, 2013

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By The Partnership at; May 22, 2013 
By University of Michigan Health System,; May 20, 2013

By Phil Ellingsworth, Hatboro-Horsham Patch; May 7, 2013
News Items about Kids & Technology
Stories relating to our recent "Be a Part of the Conversation" event on April 3, 2013:  "Technology and its Impact on our Youth" 
By Dr. Brent Conrad, Author of "How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents"
By Rebecca Levey,
By Tracy Miller, New York Daily News
By Chris May, CBS 3 News; May 8, 2013 
By Jason Kane, PBS NewsHour; April 30, 2013 
By Donna Leinwand Leger, USA Today; April 25, 2013 

By Jennifer c. Kerr, Associated Press; April 23, 2013 
By Dr. Stephen Garrison, Caron Chit Chat Blog; April 18, 2013 
How to Spot Internet Addiction
By Karen Chase, ABC News; April 8, 2013

Although drinking by persons under the age of 21 is illegal, people aged 12 to 20 years drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States.

By Maia Szalavitz, Time Health & Family; March 29, 2013
Philadelphia Inquirer; March 27, 2013 
By David Sack, M.D.; March 26, 2013
By Freda R. Savana, Intelligencer; March 25, 2013

By Michael Botticelli, Deputy Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy; February 25, 2013

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By Claire McCarthy, MD, Huffington Post; January 30, 2013

By Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times; January 25, 2013 

By Michael R. Cohen, R.Ph., The Philadelphia Inquirer; January 14, 2013 

By Ann J. Curley, CNN Health News; January 9, 2013

Conversation logo
By Kimberly Flanders, The Intelligencer; January 9, 2013

By Chelsea M. Reyher, Chester County Local Daily News; January 6, 2013

By Doug Shimell and David Chang, NBC 10 Philadelphia; January 2, 2013

Results of NIDA's 2012 "Monitoring the Future" Survey are Published
Regular Marijuana Use by Teens Continues to be a Concern
NIDA Press Office; December 19, 2012

By Richard Lenti, American News Report; December 5, 2012

By Trisha Henry, CNN Medical Producer; November 19, 2012

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN; November 15, 2012

3-Part Series from Healthy Kids Blog
By Sari Harrar,; November 3-5, 2012 
By Dan Perez, Intelligencer; October 11, 2012

By Mary Wilkerson, The Fix; September 24, 2012

By Maia Szalazvitz, Time/Healthland

By "Health Day News;" September 14, 2012

By Staff; September 5, 2012

August 28, 2012 
By Ryan Jaslow, CBS News; August 22, 2012

By Tomas Betar, Deseret News; August 15, 2012

By Lisa Frderiksen,; August 7, 2012
By Denise Mann, WebMD Health News; July 27, 2012

Partnership at Announces New Partners in National Medicine Abuse Action Campaign
By Josie Feliz; July 31, 2012

By Mike Oliva, New Jersey Newsroom; July 6, 2012

by Nikki Tucker, Medical Daily; July 3, 2012

Yardena Schwartz, NBC News; June 19, 2012

Former Miss USA Speaks Out About Her Addiction and Recovery
By Freda R. Savana, The Intelligencer; June 20, 2012

By Alan Schwarz, New York Times; June 9, 2012

By Mike Stobbe, The Associated Press; June 8, 2012

By Charles Poladian, Medical Daily; May 17, 2012

By Genevra Pittman, Reuters; May 7, 2012

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By Jennifer C. Kerr, Associated Press; May 2, 2012
By Mike Nolan, Chicago Sun-Times; April 27, 2012
By Deborah Brauser, Medscape Medical News, April 3, 2012
By Theresa Katalinas, Hatboro-Horsham Patch, March 21, 2012
R. Gil Kerlikowske, Director, White  House Office of National Drug Control Policy, March 22, 2012
Rome (NY) Observer, March 15, 2012

USC/Annenberg, Regina Graham, February 13, 2012

Reading Eagle, January 29, 2012
by Denise Moran for The Beacon-News, January 16, 2012

Prescription abuse has deadly consequences for youths
The Tampa Tribune; by Mary Shedden, January 15, 2012
Read about an upcoming film that will explore an "epidemic" among teens. To view the trailer, click here.
by Debbie L. Sklar, Laguna Niguel Patch, December 13, 2011

by Barry Lessin, M.Ed., CAADC, December 6, 2011

Nineteen teenagers were charged with underage drinking early Saturday morning.
Hatboro-Horsham Patch, November 29, 2011

Hatboro Council cut its involvement in the D.A.R.E. program, which costs the public safety department about $4,000 in overtime fees to teach a total of 80 hours of substance abuse prevention and awareness in the Hatboro-Horsham School District.
Hatboro-Horsham Patch, November 29, 2011

by Tamara Browning, The State Journal-Register, November 20, 2011

"We've updated the Shatter the Myths booklet, created a new Drug IQ Challenge, and are announcing the MusiCares® and GRAMMY Foundation's® Teen Substance Abuse Awareness through Music Contest Grammy in May."

Conversation logo
Nearly 200 people turned out for Hatboro-Horsham's first public event.
Hatboro-Horsham Patch, October 13, 2011

Study Shows an Increase in Alcohol Abuse During an Economic Recession
by Denise Mann, WebMD Health News, October 13, 2011

Follow Jessica Lester's blog on Horsham Patch!
Posted October 4, 2011

Medical News Today, October 3, 2011

by Luke Hunt, The Diplomat, Sept. 22, 2011

by Allison Steele, Inquirer Staff Writer, Sept. 19, 2011

by Daniel Ruben, Inquirer Columnist, Sept. 1, 2011
Why do otherwise good kids seem to make bad decisions when they are with their friends? 
by Tara Parker-Pop, New York Times
Hatboro-Horsham's "Be a Part of the Conversation" gears up for the school year. 
by Bill Devlin, The Intelligencer, August 12, 2011

by Theresa Katalinas, Hatboro-Horsham Patch, August 10, 2011
Colleges Set Up Courses, Scholarships and Centers to Welcome Recovering Addicts! 
by Kevin Helliker, Wall Street Journal, August 10, 2011
by Susan Shelly, Reading Eagle, August 2, 2011
by Richard A. Friedman, M.D.; New York Times, August 1, 2011

Many Remember Former First Lady for Removing Stigma from Addiction
WFMZ-TV, Channel 69 News; Dwayne Parker Reporting; July 11, 2011; July 6, 2011

Well Being: Yoga as a way to escape addictive behaviors

June 20, 2011; by Art Carey, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

Jimmy Carter: Call Off the War on Drugs
NYTimes Op Ed, June 16, 2011
Hatboro-Horsham Attacks Drug Use
Intelligencer, May 4, 2011

Mock DUI collision hammers message home
PhillyBurbs, Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Reuters, April 20, 2011

Parenting Part II: Talk to Teens About Alcohol
USA Today, April 12, 2011

Teen Drug Use Up Since 2008
U.S. News and World Report, April 11, 2011


CBS News, April 6, 2011
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