The Structure of the Genetic Material
Download the DNA assignment:     Honors      Career Prep
Getting the Letters Out (video #2) from NOVA at
DNA from at has interesting information and a DNA GAME!
Scientists Who Determined the Structure of DNA
The Chemical Heritage Foundation at contains information about the scientists who determined the structure of DNA.
The CODE... Structure of DNA at
DNA Interactive developed by Cold Springs Laboratory with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Double Helix - 50 years of DNA presented by the science journal Nature at  Great links all over this site but you will only be able to access the FREE ones.
Double-Teaming the Double Helix Article from U.S. News & World Report
Virtual DNA Extraction Lab at
Build a DNA Molecule Online
After learning about the structure of DNA, try to build your own DNA molecule at the Genetic Science Learning Center:

The Function of the Genetic Material
Gene Expression Animation from the University of Nebraska at
Virtual Transcription and Translation (Gene Expression)
The Genetic Science Learning Center tutorial at allows you to try your hand at transcription and translation.
What Makes a Firefly Glow?
Find out at the Genetic Science Learning Center:
Interactive DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis
In this PBS activity, you can actively replicate DNA and perform gene expression:

The Cell Cycle
Attention HONORS BIO PEOPLE!!  Here is the PowerPoint that you should use to complete and check your drawings of stages in the cell cycle: Cell Cycle PowerPoint.  Scroll down to the mitosis section and use the websites to gather any information you are missing OR (here's an idea) - use the pages in your textbook for information about each stage. :)  I just want to tell you guys that I am VERY impressed with the quality of your responses to the online assignments from this unit.  The ability to read and work your way through a new concept until you understand it is a skill that will be useful throughout the rest of your life.  You rock!!
Cell Cycle Overview from at
Download the Cell Cycle assignment:     Honors
DNA Replication (Honors)
Animation and information about the process of DNA Replication at
Genes and Chromosomes
Visit the Genetic Science Learning Center to view this animation about genes and chromosomes  It will help you understand the connection among DNA, genes and chromosomes.
Chromosome Structure and Karyotyping
The Genetic Science Learning Center ( will present the structure of a chromosome, teach you how to make a karyotype and give you the opportunity to create your own karyotype.
Mitosis Animation from Curriculum Online at
Mitosis Simplified from the Biology Corner at
Determining Time Spent in Different Phases of the Cell Cycle - Online Lab
Online lab activity from the University of Arizona:  Read over the first two pages as review... the lab begins on page three.
p53 Information
National Center for Biotechnology Information:
Another Meiosis Animation from John Kyrk at
Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis from NOVA at
Mitosis vs. Meiosis Interactive Quiz from at

Causes & Effects of Mutations in the Genetic Material
Download the Mutation assignment:     Honors
Causes and Types of DNA Mutations from DNAdirect at
Mutation Information includes specific examples of types of point mutations and the diseases they cause and discusses the frequency of mutation in our cells.
Mutations Galore Article from Scientific American.  Humans have high mutations rates.  But why worry?
Control of the Cell Cycle from at
Cancer Photos shows graphics of different cancers resulting from DNA mutations in body cells. 
The Cancer Killer Article discusses the function of p53 in preventing and causing cancer.
Genetic Disease and Birth Defects Presentation provides information about birth defects and genetic disorders caused by DNA mutations in sex cells.
Chromosomal Mutations from the Genetic Science Learning Center at has great animations of nondisjunction resulting in too many or too few chromosomes and examples of disorders that result from missing pieces or mixed up pieces of chromosomes.

Review Questions for the Cell Game (and for you to have your parents and/or friends quiz you on!)




  1. What are two basic types of mutations?  DNA mutations and chromosomal mutations
  2. During which cellular process can DNA mutations occur?  DNA replication
  3. What are three external agents that can cause DNA mutation? sunlight, cigarette smoke, radiation
  4. What is the difference between point and frameshift mutations?  point = one base is changed, frameshift = one or more bases are added or deleted shifting the entire code after that point
  5. What is a mass of cells that have divided uncontrollably called?  tumor
  6. When a tumor is not life-threatening it is referred to as?  benign
  7. What is an oncogene?  gene that can cause cells to divide uncontrollably
  8. What is the uncontrolled growth of cells that can invade other body parts called?  cancer
  9. What is the process by which cancer cells spread?  metastasis
  10. A substance that causes cancer is called?  a carcinogen
  11. What is an example of a genetic disease that can result from a point mutation in DNA?  sickle cell anemia
  12. What is nondisjunction?  when chromosomes dont separate correctly in meiosis
  13. What is the difference between monosomy and trisomy?  monosomy = missing a chromosome, trisomy = one extra chromosome
  14. If a person has an extra 21st chromosome, what condition do they have?  Down syndrome
  15. A person with one X chromosome would be diagnosed with?  Turners syndrome
  16. How can you tell someone has Klinefelters syndrome?  An extra X in space 23
  17. What is a translocation?  When chromosomes have mixed up pieces
  18. What is it called when a chromosome is missing a piece?  deletion
Inheritance of Traits
Mendel's Peas from the Education Development Center at
Internet activity where you will determine the dominant and recessive traits in pea plants by crossing them just as Mendel did in the 1800s.
Dragon Phenotypes and Genotypes from the Education Development Center at
Internet activity that clearly demonstrates the connection between genotype and phenotype as students explore 5 dragon traits.
DNA from the Beginning website at  We will be using the Animations in sections 1-4.



Patterns of Heredity
The Genetics of Eye Color from the Technology Museum of Innovation at
Includes a description of eye color genes and has an awesome interactive calculator to determine your chances of having a baby with each eye color.

Predicting Phenotypes

Genetic Engineering
American Association for the Advancement of Science at
Hello Dolly Webquest (Honors) 
This excellent webquest was designed by Keith Nuthall at the Poway Unified School District in San Diego at
Visit the Genetic Science Learning Center at and click on Cloning in Focus.  Use the information and activities on this page to learn about cloning.
Cloning an Extinct Species: Australia's Thylacine at  Learn about the thylacine and how scientists are attemtping to clone this extinct animal.
Clonaid - Pioneers in Human Cloning at  Check out the services of this company!
Human Genome Project from the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health at provides an overview of the project's goals.
Pharmacogenetics / Pharmacogenomics
Visit the Genetic Science Learning Center at and click on Personalized Medicine: Drugs Designed for You.  Use the information and activities on this page to learn about the connection between genes and drugs.
Gene Therapy
Visit the Genetic Science Learning Center at and click on Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage?  Use the information and activities on this page to learn about gene therapy.
Create a DNA Fingerprint
Visit NOVA at engage in a Forensics Webquest where you will be able to create your own DNA fingerprint in the process of solving the crime.
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