Internship Community Mentors - Past and Present
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NOTE: Some businesses are listed below more than once because they have either mentored multiple interns or an intern worked with more than one department.

Arts and Communication

Performing Arts (PA)
Visual Arts (VA)
Publishing Arts (PU)


Business, Finance & Information Technology

Marketing, Sales and Service (MS)

Finance (F)

Information Technology (IT)

Business Management (BM)


Engineering & Industrial Technology

Engineering and Engineering Technology (ET)

Construction and Architecture (CT)

Manufacturing (M)

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL)



Human Services

Counseling and Personal Care (CPC)

Education (E)

Law, Public Safety and Government (LPG)

Hospitality and Tourism (HT)


Science and Health

Health Science (HS)

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFN)

Science, Technology and Math (STM)

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