Lady Hatter Line Up 4.29.16
All athletes regardless if you are in the line up or not, Please be at track by 4:00pm!
4x100m Hurdle Relay Time Place 7.100 m H Hurdles Time Place
C. Haney R. DeSipio
J. Higgins J. Higgins
K. Gonzalez C. Haney
R. DeSipio
1. 300 m Hurdles (5:30) Time Place 8. 800 m Run Time Place
J. HIggins M. Royds
E. Stuart L. Palmer
D. DeSimone
2. 4x800 m Relay Time Place 9. 200 m Dash Time Place
M. Royds B. Rotibi
N. Neborg T. Peeples
A. Hontz A. Riches
A. Quinn
10. 3200 m Run Time Place
*4x800 m Relay B Time Place G. Weaver
K. Werner S. Boyer
A. West
A. Schulgen 11. Throwers 4x100 Time Place
C. Murphy
3. 100 m Dash Time Place
B. Rotibi
A. Newell
T. Peeples 12. 4x400 m Relay Time Place
M. Royds
4. 1600 m Run Time Place A. Newell
H. Knudsen K. Gonzalez
M. Cahill J. Higgins
K. Quinn
*4x400 m Relay B Time Place
6. 4 x 100 m Relay Time Place A. Hontz
A. Newell A. Quinn
A. Riches L. Palmer
K. Gonzalez H. Knudsen
B. Rotibi
Triple Jump (after long) Distance Place
*4x100 m Relay B Time Place T. DeLuca
M. Schalki M. Schalki
T. DeLuca A. McInerney
C. Trago
D. Spruill
5. 400 m Dash Time Place Long Jump (4:30) Distance Place
E. Wingen D. Spruill
L. McKay L. McKay
S. Bakri
Discus (4:30) Distance Place
I. Ostepenko
L. Cass
K. Schada Javelin (4:30) Distance Place
Shot Put (after discus) Distance Place L. Conboy
H. Knapp
L. Cass
K. Scahda