Friday of Leagues
100 m Hurdles Trials 3pm Time Place Long Jump   3pm Distance Place
R. DeSipio      9th   L. Brophy 5th  
J. Higgins 11th   E. Magnant 6th  
S. Miller 23rd   A. Dever 14th  
100 m Dash Trials Time Place      
B. Rotibi 12th   Discus  3pm Distance Place
K. Gonzalez 24th   T. Waddington 6th  
A. Lavery Alt # 8   B. Cummins 7th  
      K. Dieterly 13th  
      I. Ostapenko Alt 2  
      Pole Vault  3pm Height Place
4 x 800 m Relay   8th Time Place J. Kreiling 15th  
N. Neborg 6th        
M. Royds          
D. Slowik          
A. Quinn          
200 m Dash Trials Time Place      
E. Magnant 7th        
B. Rotibi 14th        
A. Lavery Alt 3        
K. Gonzalez Alt 4        
Saturday Of Leagues
3200 m Run Time Place 4x400 m Relay    7th Time Place
A. Quinn 16th     8th  
E. Raudenbusch 22nd        
100 m Hurdle Final Time Place      
100 m Dash Final Time Place      
Fresh. Spr. Med.      High Jump 930am Height Place
      B. Rotibi 5th  
      E. Magnant 10th  
      C. MacEntee 20th  
LUNCH BREAK (min. half hour)          
      Javelin After Boys (11-12) Distance Place
1600 m Run Time Place T. Waddington 2nd  
N. Neborg 19th   B. Cummins 8th  
H. Knudsen 24th   A. Dever 9th  
R. Walbert Alt 8   B. Deyo 14th  
      D. Black 20th  
400 m Dash Time Place N. Negron 23rd  
l. Brophy 21st   L. Tolton Alt 2  
K. Gonzalez 24th        
C. Macentee Alt 7   Triple Jump After boys. Height Place
      E. Magnant 3rd  
4 x 100 m Relay  6th Time Place A. Lavery 7th  
      Shot Put   12pm Distance Place
300 m Int. Hurdles Time Place T. Waddington 2nd  
J. Higgins 4th   K. Dieterly 13th  
R. DeSipio 20th   I. Ostapenko 21st  
S. Miller Alt 2   A. Didomenico Alt 2  
      J. Crozier Alt 4  
800 m Run Time Place      
N. Neborg 20th        
D. Slowik 23rd        
200 m Dash Final Time Place